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3 layers aluminum foil heat insulation wrap consists of pure aluminum film bonded to a layer of bubbles, Buffalo FOIL is a high cost performance choice for heat insulation. The foil will be installed before any roofing product installation, and the aluminium reflective foil layers can blocks 97% of radiation heat. The average temperature that bubble foil can reduce is around 6 degree Celsius.

Buffalo Aluminium Bubble Insulation Foil


Physical Properties
No Properties Test Method Result
1 Thickness - 5mm
2 Weight - 370 G/M2
3 Roll Size - 1.2 x 30m
4 Emissivity ASTM E408 0.04 COEF
5 Reflectivity ASTM E408 96%
6 Thermal Resistance - 3.0m2 0C/W
7 Sound Reduction ASTM E384 55%
8 Water Vapour Transmission ASTM E96-2000 0.014G/M2 KPA
9 Fire Rate IS755 Class II
10 Fungal Resistance ASTM C1338 No Growth
11 Corrosion No Corrosion
12 Tensile Strength GB/96-04-10 2.95(MD), 2.75(TD)
13 Elongation Rate GB/96-04-10 19%(MD), 13.5%(TD)
14 Tear Strength ASTM D882 16.5N(MD), 14.5N(TD)


  1. To laminate or coat EPE,XPE,IXPE,Kraft as good building / construction thermal insulation material to reduce heat.
    • roof, attic, underlay and floor insulation under concrete and wood
    • crawl space, stud wall, metal frame building insulation

  2. Wrapping
    • protective coating of ventilating pipe, HVAC duct and pipe
    • shells of air conditioner and water heater
    • wrap house & pipe
    • industrial & commercial sheds



Buffalo Aluminium Bubble Insulation Foil gallery
Buffalo Aluminium Bubble Insulation Foil gallery