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GLOK 705 is a strong high ribs with 3 pan clip system with no exposed fastener. It is specifically ideal for heavy rainfall and strong wind. This profile can accept root pitch to as low as 2° and above with special anti-leak and conceal clips. Thus it is strongly recommended for industrial buildings, commercial centers, and modern houses.

GLOK Rib And Clip Roofing Solution


STEP 1 - The first run of clips must be located and fastened, one to each support, so that they will correctly engage in the overlapping and center ribs of the first sheet when it is located and locked over them. To do this, fasten clips to the purlins at each end of the sheet, having positioned them so that the first sheet will be in correct relation to other building elements. Align and fasten the remainder of the first run of clips using a string line or the first sheet as a straight edge.

STEP 2 - Position the first sheet longitudinally in relation to gutter overhang and locate it over the fastened run of clips, positioning the center rib first, and engage the center and overlapping ribs onto all clips by foot pressure.

STEP 3 - Position and fasten the next run of clips, one to each support, with the short return leg of the clip over the underlapping rib of the installed sheet. If the clip fouls one of the spurs spaced along the outer free edge of the underlapping rib, the spur can be flattened with a blow from a rubber mallet to allow the clip to seat down over the rib.

STEP 4 - Place the second sheet over the second run of clips, again positioning the center rib first. A string line stretched across the bottom alignment of the sheets can be used to check that the ends of the sheets are in line. Fully engage the interlocking ribs and the center rib over each clip. This can be achieved by walking along the full length of the sheet being installed with one foot in the tray next to the overlapping rib and the other foot applying pressure to the top of the interlocking ribs at regular intervals. Also apply foot pressure to the top of the center rib over each clip. For complete interlocking, which is essential, the spurs of GLOK 705 along the underlapping rib must be fully engaged in the shoulder of the overlapping rib. A distinct “click” will be heard as the interlocking ribs fully engage. When engaging GLOK 705 interlocking ribs, stand only on the sheet being installed, that is the overlapping sheet, and not on the preceding sheet. Install subsequent sheets by following Steps 3 and 4 and make periodic checks that the installed sheets are aligned with the roof perimeter.

STEP 5 - If the space left between the last full sheet and the fascia or parapet is more than a half sheet width, a sheet can be cut longitudinally, leaving the center rib complete. This partial sheet can be fully clipped onto a row of clips as for a full sheet, before installing the capping or flashing. If the space left between the last full sheet and the fascia or parapet is less than a half sheet width, it can be covered by the capping or flashing. In this case, the last sheet should be secured by cutting sheet in halves and fastening the underlapping rib at each purlin with a half sheet. Similarly, a half clip may also be used if required. In this case, where a partial sheet of less than two ribs is used, it is necessary to turn up the lip along the edge of the cut sheet. This can then be covered by the capping or flashing.


GLOK Rib And Clip Roofing Solution
GLOK Rib And Clip Roofing Solution